A one day course that covers the discovery and development of medicines as well as explaining the jargon used in this process. This will help translators who deal with some of the massive amounts of documentation required for the regu-latory approval and marketing of drugs; even those with a scientific background may have some difficulty in keeping up with this highly complex area without some guidance. Attendees are given a clear understanding of the concepts that cover the discovery of drugs in the laboratory and their development into commercial products via clinical trials.

The session is concluded with a question and answer session to discuss items of specific interest to individual attendees. This part has been shown to be particularly useful for identify-ing websites and other resources of use to the freelance translator covering the life sciences.

In addition to the course itself, attendees are provided with copies of all slides in a course manual as well as a glossary of terms and other useful resources.

Dr Edward Zanders, PharmaGuide

Sted : AXEL Hotel Guldsmeden Helgolandsgade 11, København V
Dato : 11.04.2012
Tid : 10:00 til 16:00
Normalpris : 3600 kr. ekskl. moms
Medlemspris : 2800 kr. ekskl. moms
Tilmelding senest : 12.03.2012
Kursusnummer : 113

Danske Translatører C/O OVRZ Kultorvet 2,       1175 København K E-mail: dt@dtfb.dk
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