The EAFT is celebrating an anniversary in 2006: 10 years of promoting cooperation within terminology and of creating active liaisons with other organisations, associations and institutions in the terminology sector at all levels and has therefore launched the idea of devoting a yearly recurring period of time during which terminology could be in focus. For 2006, a 'Terminology Week' will be organized together with NL-Term and TermNet. The EAFT is currently organizing the Third Terminology Summit to be held on 13–14 November 2006 in Brussels. The two days will be devoted to the following four main themes:
1. Terminology Policies and Planning
2. Major problems with minor languages
3. The Terminologist in Profile
4. Different collaborations for different needs

Læs programmet på www.eaft-aet.net, hvor tilmelding også kan ske.

Sted : Bruxelles
Dato : 13.11.2006
Tid : 08:00 til 18:45

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