II Meeting of the Regional Centre Latin America (CRAL)
The Organización Mexicana de Traductores, Capítulo Occidente (OMT) and the Regional Centre Latin America (CRAL) of the International Federation of Translators (FIT) invite you to the XI International Translation & Interpretation Congress 'San Jeronimo 2007' to be held in Guadalajara. For the first time, this year the Congress will take place within the framework of the renowned Guadalajara International Book Fair and is organized jointly with it.
The II Meeting of the Regional Centre Latin America will be held at this time. CRAL participants will include the Executive Committee representing associations in Peru, Chile, Cuba, Argentina and Mexico, and members from sister Latin American associations.
The Congress will bring together translation and interpretation specialists and professionals to foster dialog between translation studies and its practice. Well-known speakers from different countries will attend and offer refresher events on subjects such as: linguistics and translation, literary translation, legal translation, audiovisual translation, interpretation, translation and society, translation pedagogy, indigenous language translation, intercultural issues, and translation service standardization.
Invited Speakers
Special guests include Dr. Anabel Borja Albi, researcher at Universidad Jaume I in Spain, Director of the Legal Translation Research Group GITRAD and author of several books and numerous articles on this specialty; Xose Castro Roig, specialist in audio visual translation, collaborator of the first two editions of the Royal Academy Dictionary in CD-ROM, co-host and script writer of the cultural program Palabra por Palabra on Spanish Television sponsored by the Cervantes Virtual Center (CVC), creator and moderator of TRAG, the largest debate list for Spanish-speaking audiovisual translators, and advisor to the Cervantes Virtual Center.
Other distinguished speakers include: Dr. Fernando Carlos Vevia Romero, Professor Emeritus, University of Guadalajara and member of the National Researchers System; Dr. Georgeanne Weller Ford, researcher at the National Indigenous Language Institute (INALI) of Mexico; Dr. Miguel Angel Vega Cernuda, Universidad de Alicante; Dr. Jiri Stejskal, President, American Translators Association, and Joao Esteves-Ferreira, President, FIT-Europe.

Scheduled activities: conferences, round tables, participation in activities for professionals organized by the Guadalajara International Book Fair, and two post-conference workshops to be given by Xose Castro Roig and Anabel Borja Albi.

In order to participate and obtain the benefits of admittance to the Book Fair free of cost, you must first register for the San Jeronimo Congress and then fill out the Book Fair Support for Translator Lodging application.
For further information, go to the Congress website www.omt.org.mx or write to occidente1@omt.org.mx
Regional Centre Latin America (CRAL) Organización Mexicana de Traductores,
A. C. Capítulo Occidente Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL)

Sted : Guadalajara International Book Fair Guadalajara, Mexico, Hilton Hotel
Dato : 24.11.2007
Tid : 09:00 til -

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