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What's going on in English?
Explorations into the global Lingua Franca

By Professor Anna Mauranen, visiting scholar at ISV from the University of Helsinki

Our thoroughly internationalised world uses English as a global lingua franca for all key domains of communication, and the question arises what effects this might have on the language itself. Do we have to re-think our notions of speech communities Is it necessary to redraw the boundaries of English What is happening to norms and standards

This talk will address these questions in the light of two kinds of evidence: corpus data and discourse analysis. Typical features in English as a lingua franca (ELF) grammar, lexis and phraseology are illustrated from a database of a million words of academic talk (the ELFA corpus). Some developments parallel those found in standard and non-standard varieties of English, while others appear specific to ELF. To understand how speakers manage to communicate effectively in environments where a broad range of non-standard forms and cultural backgrounds come together, it is useful to explore salient communicative practices in ELF discourse. ELF communities of practice differ in many respects from traditional speech communities, but like any communities, they regulate their speech norms to achieve communication and to avoid misunderstanding. Fundamental aspects of discourse get acted out with creative employment of shared language resources.

Sted : CBS, Common Room (2Ø.071), Dalgas Have 15, 2000 F
Dato : 15.03.2010
Tid : 13:00 til 15:00

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