This is our history, but it is also your own!

DGT presents a study on the multilingual operation of the European Union, from the days of the Economic Community in 1958, with six Member States, to the present Union of 27 Member states, with 23 official languages. Right from the very start, the translation service has guaranteed European citizens access to the legislative and major political documents of the EU in their own language and enabled each Member State to contribute actively to EU policy making. The text is available on

The findings, which result from research into the institution's historic archives and contributions from over 60 officials, aim to shed light on a little-known area of our history and prompt further research into this field.

The round table will be made up of key figures and witnesses of this shared chronicle, as well as academics and high officials from the European institutions.

We invite you to seize this historic opportunity and get your students involved as well. The programme is available at http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/translation/index_en.htm. The conference
will be broadcast live on the web at http://webcast.ec.europa.eu/eutv/portal/index.html

(interpretation into French, English, German) and there will be an online chat forum where you can submit your questions. Two Q&A sessions have been arranged, in the morning and afternoon.

Cristiana Coblis
President of the Romanian Translators Association



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Dato : 12.03.2010
Tid : 09:30 til 17:15

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