Machine Translation has been a hot topic for several years -- both in the research lab, and increasingly, in the marketplace. Yet adoption of MT technology has been slow. Is it over-rated? Under-appreciated? Misunderstood?

The purpose of the workshop is to explore the practical impact of machine translation technology for businesses. We will have several presentations about recent practical experience with MT. We will also have some presentations giving an academic research perspective on what is coming from the lab that promises to have a practical impact.

As someone who is interested in language technology, you can contribute to this workshop. If you would like to attend, please let us know. Even better, if you have experience with MT, or have plans of introducing or evaluating MT in your company, we'd like you to consider making a presentation at the workshop. For more information about the workshop and registration please contact our Research Assistant, Lotte Jelsbech Knudsen at ljk.isv@cbs.dk or tel. 3815 5667.

Finally, please have a look at our work shop website - http://cbs-mt-workshop.blogspot.com/ - for more information about the workshop, the speakers, etc. Also, If you have any thoughts about the topics of the workshop, please post them here.

Best regards,
Daniel Hardt
Associate Professor,
Computational Linguistics
Copenhagen Business School
CEO, languagelens.com

Sted : CBS
Dato : 23.11.2010
Tid : 13:00 til 17:00

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