Dear colleagues

Do you use free software that makes your work more productive or more enjoyable? If so, please send a description of the software, how it benefits you as a translator, and how other translators can obtain a copy. Your name will be entered into a lucky draw organized by the FIT Translation Technology Committee. The information from all submissions will be made available to everyone. The winner will be featured on the FIT website, along with a brief professional profile.

There is no cost to enter the contest. Entrants must belong to a FIT member association and must give the association’s name and their own contact information. The deadline for submitting entries is Friday, 4 February 2011. Entries must be sent in the body of an e-mail to FITtrantech@gmail.com. The winner will be announced later in the month.

Help other translators and perhaps win a moment of glory for yourself!

Alan Melby
Chair: FIT Translation Technology Committee

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Dato : 14.01.2011
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