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A method for editing documents with MS Word 2010
Instructor: Judy Petersen
Date and time: Friday, 25 March 2011 at 10 AM–5 PM.

You will learn how to:
• Identify and charge for various levels of edit, e.g., the difference between copyediting and
• Avoid frequently occurring problems met by editors who work for companies,
organizations, and publishing companies.
• Copyedit documents with MS Word.
• Create and update style sheets.
• Create macros that can be used in editing and translating (if time allows).
Target groups
This workshop is for:
• Translators who don’t have a writing, editing, or publishing background.
• Writers who want to improve their deliverables or become editors.
• Quality controllers in translation agencies who check translations.
• Editors who want to decrease turnaround times and increase quality.
Notes: This all-day course is taught in English. MS Office 2010 is used to demonstrate
various techniques.
Price: SEK 1,300 excluding VAT (SEK 1,625 including VAT) for SFÖ members, SEK 1,600
(SEK 2,000) for non-members. Includes 2 x coffee and lunch.
Registration: By e-mail to info@sfoe.se before 7 March.

Sted : Chokladfabriken, Bergsgatan 33, Malmö
Dato : 25.03.2011
Tid : 10:00 til 17:00

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