The conference will focus on management issues for the translation and localisation industry, with particular emphasis on process management and standards.

The previous conferences covered vendor and process management from the global and the local perspective, quality and terminology management, and technology and project management. TM-Europe 2011 will focus on process management and standards for the translation and localisation industry and their practical business application.

The final debate of TM-Europe 2011 will feature a panel composed of experts on standards and industry practitioners discussing the impact of standards development for the industry. The focus will be on best practice developed on the basis of standards, certification against standards and lack thereof, trends and innovation in standards development, successes and failures in terms of standards implementation in tools and technologies, recent developments and future prospects, quality assurance and terminology standards, and all other issues involving standards, their commercial application and significance for the translation and localisation industry.

We welcome suggestions for future events, and co-operate on projects that involve management and quality issues, standards, best practice, and develop the translation and localisation industry.


Sted : Warsaw, Poland.
Dato : 29.09.2011
Tid : - til -

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