The Fourth International Anniversary Conference

The aim of the conference is to both look back in history and re-assess important moments in the development of translation studies, and to give an overview of the situation today and the possible guidelines for tomorrow.

By giving our tribute to these two so different moments in the history of translation, St. Jerome's translation and the creation of the first association for machine translation, we express our 'conference policy' of inclusion and encourage contributions from scholars in all fields in which translation and interpretation are relevant.

Keynote speakers:
Mr. Roland Boer from Newcastle, Australia, University of Newcastle
Ms. Severine Hubscher-Davidson from Birmingham, Regatul Unit, School of Languages & Social Sciences, Aston University
Mr. Adrian Oþoiu from Baia Mare, Romania, North University Center of Baia Mare, The Technical University of Cluj Napoca

See more: http://anniversaryconferences.ubm.ro

Sted : The Technical University of Cluj Napoca North University Center of Baia Mare The Faculty of Humanities Department of Philology and Cultural Studies
Dato : 25.10.2012
Tid : 09:00 til --

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