Wednesday 28th May 2014 6.30pm
Metaphor Translatability: A corpus-based study between English and Chinese
Dr Li Lan will look at how do metaphors translate with reference to language and culture? How is communication of meaning achieved? This investigation looks at linguistic, cognitive and cross-cultural similarities and variations of metaphors translated from English to Chinese in contemporary prose journalism.

Room A130, College Building, City University London, St John Street, EC1V 4PB

Wednesday 11th June 2014 6.30pm
Channel Crossings: challenges and strategies in the translation of French and English children's books
Penny Brown will focus on why are far fewer French children's books translated into English than the other way round? What approaches have translators in the different countries taken to the culture-specific challenges of mediating such works to a new audience, and do these differ significantly? Have imitations been preferred to translations?

Room ELG19, Drysdale Building, City University London, Northampton Square, EC1V 0HB

Sted : City University London
Dato : 12.05.2014
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