Translating and the Computer has always attracted a unique amalgam of researchers, developers and users. It brings together academics involved in language technology research and in teaching translation and terminology with those who develop, market and use tools for language transformation designed for translators, terminologists, interpreters, and voice-over specialists. Many of the participants are such users whether freelancers or working in translation departments of large organisations such as the European Parliament, European courts and the European Patent Office, the United Nations family, international companies and Language Services Providers (LSPs), large and small.
First the computer, then the Internet and more recently the Cloud, are changing and remodelling expectations and processes in the language and localisation industries. These changes are accompanied by new requirements for standards and interoperability. The digital age is modifying the concept of text and quality. Content is a key item together with strings, chunks, segments and words.

In its 36th session Translating and the Computer has moved from ASLIB to ASLING:

Sted : London
Dato : 27.11.2014
Tid : 00:00 til 01:00

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